Wholesale Inquires

Terms: Net 30 days for established accounts with credit reference check. Initial order prepaid or with a Credit Card. Prices subject to change. Sales tax resale certificate must be filled out with all Massachusetts accounts.

Initial Order Minimum:  $150.00

Shipping: Shipping via US mail unless other arrangements have been made. A free ornament will be included in the order to offset the shipping cost.

Delivery: Please allow two to four weeks for delivery. Custom work or larger orders take longer. Delivery times may vary during the fall and holiday season. Order early for best selection. Early orders can be held for later shipment.

Artist’s Statement: Each Brick Pond Handworks creation is made entirely by hand. Slight variations in design and color add character and reflect their unique handcrafted origin. Low-fired earthenware clay is first rolled into a slab from which each design is hand-cut. Once cured, each piece is shaped by hand to smooth any rough edges and then hand-painted ensuring special attention to detail. The pottery is then bisque fired and glazed. Each piece is presented with a gift tag.

Mary W. DeCaprio, a classically trained artist with degrees from Boston University (MFA) and the Kansas City Art Institute (BFA), founded Brick Pond Handworks in 1988. Nature, history, personal experience and pure imagination provide the inspiration for each design. Her work has been featured in craft galleries, gift shops, catalogs and museums.

Wholesale page: Please visit our wholesale pages on www.indieme.com. Registration required to view site. Look for artist # 22111.